May 6, 2007: CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA Stayed a few nights with best friend Danene's brother-in-law Glen and his fantastically energetic lab, Bentley!

Wore Winni out! Tried to coax her into the water when we went hiking, but she wouldn't budge.

Glen took me in kinda last minute (thanks, Glen!) and out on the town! We caught some music and even had a beer at "Miller's" where Dave Matthews used to bartend. Great little town. Christian's Pizza rivaled NYC's best! Even got to catch up with my (not so) l'il cousin Rachel for a good chat over pizza. She's attending UVA grad school like a champ!

Glen works for local Rivanna Water and Sewer AUTHORITY - and loves all the best things in, dogs, and hiking. He even let me grill out for his roommate and him! Grilled them up some nice steaks and skewered veggies. Been too long since I've done that! Overall, Charlottesville is not to miss if you ever get the chance!

May 4, 2007: RICHMOND, VA Got to reconnect with dear friend Janice from high school, and spend "a day in the life" with her and her family. Three kids! The oldest, Addison (named after his father, Addison) claims no longer will he answer to "Little Addison." He is now officially self-proclaimed "Medium Addison!" We went to see MEDIUM Addison's off-broadway debut at his Pre-school on Friday morning. About 60 preschoolers doing spectacular renditions of old favorites such as, "The Alphabet Vacation," "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," and "This is a Song About Colors." I'll try to have a video clip if I every actually figure out how to upload my videos.

Little brother Tyler is a computer whiz (see photo of him typing "TTTTTTYYYYYYY" on Mom's computer) and as Mom puts it, "What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality!"

The boys were very frightened of big dog Winni at first - leaping up on back of couch upon our arrival - but by the end of visit, were walking her on a leash around the backyard like mini-Ceasar Milans and telling her "NO!" with ease. And finally, there was little angel, Lucy

- who cooed and laughed at her big brothers, and made immediate friends with Winni.

Jan has her hands full, but jeez does she balance discipline with love like a champ! Janice actually has a medical degree - she was a Physician's Assistant and keeps up her certification...just in case. But she, as do many of the Mom's (and one Dad!) in the neighborhood, chooses to stay home and be a full time Mommy. And it IS a full-time job - without the hour lunch break or 5:00 dismissal! All in all, a beautiful family...and another Mom to admire!