May 3, 2007: HAVERTOWN, PA Spent two wonderful days with two wonderful women and their beautiful baby girls. Both ladies work full time. Both amaze me with balancing being new Moms and extremely well-respected leaders in their prospective industries. Christine works in FDA regulatory processes for a major pharmecutical corporation. She kept us in line in college and she's now keeping them in line, too. Awesome. Works in women's health. Oh, and did I mention she's a single Mom who adopted her beautiful girl, Marin, from China? Pretty cool, eh? Danene is the director of a non-profit organization that lobbies and works to inform and arm teens with REAL sexual health information for REAL times. Their signature Website - Sex, Etc. - gets lots of traffic as you can imagine. You can check it out in my LINKS page. Her daughter is Lia, fondly also known as "Grasshopper" or "Peanut." Being a Mom is such an amazing thing. I indeed hope to be as incredible as these Mommies someday...

Chris & Marin

Danene & Lia

Christine and Marin's Three Big Rules:

1. No whining. We take a deep breath, calm down, and then say what we want.

2. Whatever GOES in the garbage...STAYS in the garbage. (Dog Winni needed to be taught this one)

3. Mommies ALWAYS come back.

Rules to Live By. I'm off to Virgina today. More to come...