May 20-23, 2007: ALBUQUERQUE, NM Made great time and ended up at my Cousin Shana's a few days early! She was a kind hostess and took in her Road Warrior (Road Weary) cousin even in the midst of a busy schedule. Shana and her little ol' pup, Benny (named after Bennigan's - where she was working when she found him out in the parking lot)

had their great new adobe-style house all set up for us.

I could tell I was in the Southwest as all the fauna and flora had changed...colorful cactus and strange new flowers on lawns of pretty stones (instead of rhododendrons on grassy lawns) and chilli peppers (instead of flags) hanging in windows.

Apparently they keep away the bad spirits (like know) ~ one can never be too sure! We spent most of Monday catching up on the bench in her backyard courtyard. She also took me to Nob Hill - a historic part of town where Route 66 - The Mother Road! - still meanders through from Chicago to LA. Many old signs still preserved. Route 66 was completed in the 20's, but I'm not sure what era the signs were from (40's? 50's?).

But anyway, still very cool! The next day, Shana took me up to SANTE FE (locals call it "Fanta Se" - ha!) for some lunch at Cowgirl BBQ with some friends of hers. Had a really yummy BBQ quesadilla and went to great thrift store and bought myself some lizard cowgirl boots! I had a pair when I was little and LOVED them. I wore them with everything. Especially loved them with my green velvet dress (yikes!). Clearly my fashion sense was not quite on-target with the trends...never has been, really...and I'm finally okay with that. Not sure if cowboy boots are in these days. But I'm rockin' them anyway...