I'm trying to collect a montage of each WELCOME TO state sign I pass, but photos taken at 65 MPH+ often turn out not quite legible...

Ah, yeah, that's Pennsylvania.

And, hmmm, that's Maryland.

Virginia was a big, easy sign - right in front of me.

Had my camera ready for about 40 miles before this sign for North Carolina, but got to yapping on the phone and barely got this last-minute fly-by shot.

South Carolina...not bad.

Tennessee! Think I'm getting better at this fly-by photo thing?

ar-KAN-zus. Sweet!

Oklahoma! I'm seriously in the dustbowl now!

Don't mess with Texas! We went through the panhandle.

Made it to New Mexico in the midst of a really cool rainstorm. Saw it coming for MILES! Made for not-so-great photo.

(Not so) Colorful (in Rain) Colorado!

Utah! Ski State Indeed!

Idaho! We crossed the border at night.

Washington! I made it all the way to the West Coast, baby!

Oregon! Heading to a wedding :)

And here are just some other random road shots:

Vote Libertarian?!?!

Elk Crossing! Huh.

Steep slopes and falling rocks - the dangers of Colorado travel!

Memphis Hippodrome!

Scary road woman with cowgirl hat - Mississippi River in background!

Arkansas Overlook over Lake Dardanelle (my Silver Chariot in foreground) and Sunset

South Carolina Peaches are REALLY BIG!

North Carolina Sunset from the Road

My Mirror Ornaments - shouldn't I be watching the road?

No, I didn't steal it and I won't take it to the Grand Canyon.