I have an actual, real live, BLOG now! You can sign up with Google (it's free!) to become a "follower" (sounds scary, right? It's not, really. I won't ask you to come with me into the desert and start a cult...well...maybe...). Anyway, you can visit it by clicking on the flying photo of Winni below:



June 2009

WOW! It's Summer! Well, almost. Was laid off from my teaching job and actually pretty psyched about it! Taking the summer to travel (again)...camping and road trippin' back to the Colorado Rockies, up to the Minnesota lakes, and back to CA perhaps through Montana and Oregon (two of my very fav states). Life is truly good. Plan to get out to New Jersey and New York City in late July and early August. It's been over two years since I ventured West. Looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family out there. I'll blog a little along the way. Maybe even upload a few new songs, too. The road is a great place to write. Here are a few photos of life as of late...and it's a good life, friends :) Happiness is a state of mind I find myself living in more often than not these days.

Peace and groovy vibes,


LIVE ART in AT&T Park (where the Giants play!)


October 2008

Ok. I miss the east coast fall. Gold and red leaves. Cozy hot chocolate. Football games and Halloween costumes. Enough of this perfect weather, already! Moved into my own new place in Google land. Just me and Winni making a go of it. Contemplating and wondering about future steps. Did I come all the way out here...to the farthest reaches of the country...only to want to turn around and head home? Maybe that's what it takes sometimes. I look at the Pacific and it feels like the waves just...flow the wrong way. Or maybe I just haven't caught the California fever, yet. Perhaps it was a recent wonderful visit from a best college friend that reminded me of home so much, I'm aching.

Well, here are some updated photos...

Me, Brother, Sister at Broncos Game in Denver!

Winni resting on Lake Tahoe Hike

Winni Scouting Out The View at Lake Tahoe

Winni Chillin' After a Wet Dip in a Tahoe Lake

Winni Ready For Action

October/November 2007

Summer lefteth us. Fall hath arrived. Beautiful aspens golden turned. First snow fell. Fresh, crisp and chilly air cometh over the hills. All is good here. Read below for new BLOG!

Sunday, October 28, 2007: Today I am famous. The Sunday local newspaper - The Steamboat Pilot - featured moi in its "Sunday Spotlight" section. Ha! You can find a link to the article on my LINKS page. Funny that I'm being spotlighted as an interesting new Steamboater, and, yet, I am on my way out of town. Yes, I'm leaving Las Vegas. I'm skippin' ship and hoppin' off the 'boat. Show on the road. Hittin' the pavement. These boots were made for walking. And that's just what I'll do. I'll walk. On the yellow brick road to California - who knows how to party. Where my homies. Be. At. They will be in San Mateo. The Peninsula, they call it. AKA Silicon Valley, which I always thought was a place where fake breasts grew on trees or something. Took me spending some time there to realize - NOT SO, dear Easterner! It's the place where they invented the micro chip that helps make the fake breasts. Ahh, yes! I was so naieve. But off I go to a land I know very little about. The Western frontier (because Colorado just wasn't west enough - it was too....um...MID.) Indeed I am excited, folks. This feels like the beginning of a new stage in my life. Kids, family, building a house - these words I oft hear oozing from my lips. With so much else (other than myself) to think about...a BLOG suddenly seems a tad SELF-CENTERED! Jeez. I must be growing up. It wasn't easy. Will you follow me to sunny CA or will you tire of my ramblings, yet? Stay tuned for more trekker tales of the truly torrid yet technically challenged Bridget Katherine Jean Heaney. (I think it's funny that they put my entire name in the Steamboat newspaper article. So as not to be confused with any other Bridget Heaney in town, I guess.) Sojourn on, dear friends!

Thursday, September 13, 2007: And, so, I quote one fabulous and deceased Virginia Woolf: "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."

Okay, so working at the little local library is a paycheck. And I DO have my own bedroom - rented from a nice local woman thanks to the library paycheck - and in it...a desk with a laptop. So what's my problem? Why do I want to call myself a writer so much, yet can't seem to make it really happen? Maybe it's because I want to write non-fiction? Though I'm sure VIrginia would agree, I'd need a room of my own for that, too. Maybe even a whole house.

Sometimes, at night, when the blue computer screen stares at me in bed, I am reminded of Carrie typing away in her way-too-amazing-for-a-writer New York City apartment, as witty and profound (in a Sex-in-the-City-profound kind of way) words roll out of her brain and onto her laptop in the dead of night...and I think (again) what's MY problem?

Well, maybe if I had a team of incredible script writers behind my fictional character, I, too, would be eternally hip and sassy and smart and fashionable all at once and all the time. Sometimes I think I actually do muster at least one of the four aforementioned qualities. But it's usually in this room of my own - for no one to see. Or corroborate. And, frankly, I'm a very poor judge of myself, anyway. Carrie has millions of women and girls (and RATINGS!) around the world to attest for her FABulousness.

Then I find a line from that show which speaks to me ~ "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free 'til they find someone just as wild to run with them." Huh. Maybe. Maybe we need to run free, but we need a room, too. We need a place to feel safe and cozy, and a place to test and move and shake our boundaries so we don't get bored...or worse...boring! So, maybe I can make this Webpage a little of both to get my writing juices a'flowin'. A safe and comfortable BLOG of my own, and a place to be free and wild. A place where no editor (except that awful internal one I carry with me everywhere I go) can slash and dash my carefully crafted work in ways that scar and bite. Homebase! Safe! Here it begins. Perhaps there is hope for me after all.

Carrie? Ginny (can I call you that?)? You inspire me! In very different ways. But inspire me, you do. Hmmmm. This could be interesting. Check back.

What about the money part, though? Well, maybe that wild person I find to run free with me...will be wild AND rich.